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Friday, October 1, 2004
Badger Bowl
506 E Badger Rd
(608) 274-6662

Madison, WI
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Sound: Sound Decision
Operated by Mark Hartzell
Assisted by James Clark
Lights: Sound Decision
Operated by Andy Brown
Stage Techs: Pat Collins
& Paul Adamec
SET 1:
Same Ol' Situation - Motley Crue
Unskinny Bop - Poison
I Hate Myself for Loving You - Joan Jett *
Rock of Ages - Def Leppard
Down on Me - Jackyl *
Final Countdown - Europe
You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi
Cold Gin - Kiss *
Alone Again - Dokken
Working for the Weekend - Loverboy
Ah Leah - Donnie Iris
Jump - Van Halen
Cult of Personality - Living Colour
Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard


SET 2:
Headbanger's Ball - Medley *
Monkey Business - Skid Row
Once Bitten Twice Shy - Great White
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC *
Girls Girls Girls - Motley Crue
Separate Ways - Journey
I Can't Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar
Yankee Rose - David Lee Roth *
Talk Dirty to Me - Poison
Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi
Get It On - Kingdom Come *
The Trooper - Iron Maiden *
Nothin' But a Good Time - Poison
Have a Drink on Me - AC/DC
Say What You Will - Fastway *
Breaking the Law - Judas Priest *
Heaven - Warrant
Fool For Your Lovin' - Whitesnake *
Let's Put the X in Sex - Kiss *
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions
We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister
Turn Up the Radio - Autograph
A Word from Josh:
Hello-o-o-o!!! Test for echo... echo... echo...!!! Hey, remember us? Well, apparently many of you do as we were welcomed back after 48 days away from the stage by a great crowd at the Badger Bowl. The time away from the spotlight was not a vacation, but rather a chance to focus on reinventing ourselves a bit. We rehearsed several times which enabled us to debut many new songs tonight as well as bringing a couple of old songs out of retirement, hopefully giving the show a fresh feel to our most devoted fans. We also tweaked our image with a new logo, new posters and a redesigned website (thanks for noticing). We plan to unveil a few more surprises next week in Waukesha. Anyway, it was great to get back in front of the people and we had a blast. It was reassuring to see that our brand of 80s rock still draws plenty of hot babes. Clearly we'd be insane to alter our musical format, but it was fun to try a few new things including what John referred to as "Old school metal" like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. We also put together a "teaser" medley of some of the greatest hard rock riffs of all time. The crowd stayed strong to the end which was a good indication that we are doing something right.     --Josh

Were you at this show?
Would you like to comment on it?

"Dude, awesome show, these dudes kick ass!! Can't wait to see them again!"

"What an awesome show! What a great new logo! What a slightly improved site! Can't wait for the new shirts! Kick-ass!!!"

"Great show guys. I've never been up to Madtown to see you guys play so I took this opportunity to take a road trip. Lots of new songs, but still the same awesome band with lots of energy. And as always lots and lots of wonderful friends (Kat, My dancing bud Jody, Maria, Greg) to party with. Glad I made the trip even if the weather was a bit unfriendly. See you guys next week back on home turf! Oh and thanks to Josh for getting me unlost! :)"

"AWESOME SHOW! Great to hear new songs! RAWK ON!"

trouble (dawn):
"The show was awesome like usual. Thanks for the POSTER. Hey Shane, you are so awesome. REMEMBER ME? See you at ROOTERS."

"Glad I made it to the gig.Got there late again but,had awesome time.Can't wait till this Saturday for Rooters gig with more surprises!Love all the new things CP.did and I"am sure of the new T-shirts.Thank-You for keeping us ROCK'IN!!!"

"Friday night was phenominal! All your hard work in the last month and a half showed that you outdid yourselves. The bands performance was flawless and the arrangements of songs, old and new, were surprisingly great! And John, you are still looking great and you haven't lost that strong and sexy vitality that you use to entice and captivate the audience. I'm glad I was there to participate and to enjoy the night of your strong comeback."

"It was an awsome show, I am glad that I got to go!! I love the new songs and look forward to seeing more..."

"Shane nice pic on page 3, your hair looks "sassy"!!!!!!"

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