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Friday, December 31, 2004
The Colosseum
19081 Old LaGrange Rd
(708) 479-5356

Mokena, IL
Opening for ARRA
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Sound: The Colosseum
Operated by Dave Lowum
Assisted by Bob Anderson
Lights: The Colosseum
Operated by Jim Faciana
Stage Tech: Pat Collins
Same Ol' Situation - Motley Crue
Unskinny Bop - Poison
Rock of Ages - Def Leppard
Still of the Night - Whitesnake
Once Bitten Twice Shy - Great White
Sister Christian - Night Ranger
I Hate Myself for Loving You - Joan Jett
Talk Dirty to Me - Poison
Headbanger's Ball - Medley
Monkey Business - Skid Row
Cult of Personality - Living Colour
Nothin' but a Good Time - Poison
Have a Drink on Me - AC/DC
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
A Word from Josh:
This show was set up much like our October 30 where we open up for John's other band ARRA. Again, this was a great opportunity for us to showcase ourselves in the Chicago market where we hope to play more often in the future. The fact that it was a New Year's celebration made it more fancy and more special. Our show went pretty well although we did have to drop a couple of songs because of a delay in getting soundchecked. That wasn't the only minor problem we had to deal with. Earlier in the day Dave injured both of his hands while loading equipment. Apparently he was playing in a lot of pain. And he never sounded better! Nah, I'm just kidding, I never listen to him. Shane was also suffering for part of the show because one of the confetti blasts struck him in the arm at close range as he played. It's an occupational hazard. After our set, I stuck around for ARRA's show and, as I made my way around the room, I was amazed at the amount of support people expressed for Cherry Pie. I don't think I've ever posed for more pictures in one night. The odd thing was that a vast majority of the people who wanted their picture taken with me were men. Hmmmm, must be an Illinois thing. Of course ARRA put on a great show. They let me get up to play keyboards on "Carry On Wayward Son" which is a tradition that goes back since before Cherry Pie even existed. In the spirit of state line rivalry, ARRA guitarist Kevin Connor was heard to quip "The Packers suck" to which John quickly responded "That's what they always say about the DIVISION CHAMPIONS!!!" So, overall it was a great night and it's obvious that we are quickly getting a very good reputation in northern Illinois. In fact, we were welcomed so warmly that, while we were there, they doubled the highway tolls out on the Interstate making it much more expensive for us to drive back to Wisconsin than it was to come to Illinois. It appears that they didn't want us to leave.     --Josh

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"Awesome post Josh you wrapped up the night perfectly!!!! It's always fun to party with our football rivals to the south especially before an upcoming game!!!! :)"

Linda & Trish:
"There is no better way to spend New Years Eve than with Cherry Pie! After 4 years, it's become a tradition!! Here's to a great year! Rock on!"

Brian & Priscilla:
"Now that we had a good taste, you guys gotta get back down here more often. Drop a line next time, and I will split the tolls with you! We had a great time Friday night, we were wishing it would keep going. My wife is still excited about being a "Nah-Nah-Nah Nah Nah Nah" girl! Thanks!"

"Yet another awesome CP show! Well worth the drive. (and lovely tolls) The combo of CP and ARRA is always a pleasure. Keep rockin!"

"Saw you guys for the first time and I gotta say YOU ROCK!!! Come to Illinois more often!"

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