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Friday, July 1, 2005
Grafton Holidaze
Lime Kiln Park
(262) 377-3540

Grafton, WI
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Sound: Eliminator Audio
Operated by Steve Frye
Assisted by Justin Abuya
Lights: Eliminator Audio
Operated by Glenn Ottenbacher
Stage Techs: Paul & Hog
SET 1:
Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue
Unskinny Bop - Poison
Rock of Ages - Def Leppard
You Give Love a Bad Name - Bon Jovi
Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue
Working for the Weekend - Loverboy
Down on Me - Jackyl
I Hate Myself for Loving You - Joan Jett
Talk Dirty to Me - Poison
Alone Again - Dokken
Don't Treat Me Bad - Firehouse
Still of the Night - Whitesnake
Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row
Tom Sawyer - Rush
Sister Christian - Night Ranger
Ah Leah - Donnie Iris
Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard
Paradise City - Guns N'Roses

SET 2:
Headbanger's Ball - Medley
Monkey Business - Skid Row
Separate Ways - Journey
I Can't Drive 55 - Sammy Hagar
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi
We All Die Young - Steel Dragon
Final Countdown - Europe
Nothin' but a Good Time - Poison
Have a Drink on Me - AC/DC
Runaway - Bon Jovi
Hot for Teacher - Van Halen
Heaven - Warrant
Same Ol'Situation - Motley Crue
Breaking the Chains - Dokken
Cult of Personality - Living Colour
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne
Once Bitten Twice Shy - Great White
A Word from Josh:
Mostly cloudy, temperatures in the 60s and not a drop of rain all day. That's my idea of perfect weather. Some of my friends complained that it was too cold, but that didn't stop them from coming to the show. It was good to be in Grafton for a second consecutive year. I guess that Holidaze tends to be more low-key than most festivals but we did seem to improve on the vibe that we laid down here last year. And the crowd did get pretty loud down the stretch. In fact, if it weren't for being outside near a residential area, they probably would have earned a second encore. I enjoyed meeting a lot of Cherry Pie first-timers in attendance. One of them couldn't get over the fact that we don't play the song "Cherry Pie". It's a conversation that I've had several times before. Another newbie walked up to me and stuck her fingers in my hair. Apparently she had bet a friend that I was wearing a wig. She lost. This was not the first time that this has happened either, but it was pretty cute. So, why do people often assume that I'm wearing a wig? Maybe it's because of the price tag I like to wear in my hair. Of course we've always prided ourselves in having all our own hair as something that distinguishes us from many other 80s rock tributes. Hey, as silly as it seems to some people, hair is a major part of this genre. Of course there were many familiar faces in the crowd too, some of whom we hadn't seen in a while. They were lucky to come out on this night because they got to hear a rare performance of "Final Countdown", certainly one of the greatest songs of all time. OK, perhaps not, but I like it because it gives me a good chance to put all that keyboard technology I've spent so much money on to good use. Ultimately, I just hope that playing that song doesn't keep us from being invited back again to play here next year.     --Josh

Were you at this show?
Would you like to comment on it?

Kip Swinger:
"A heaping helping of Cherry Pie, deep fried corn dogs, and port-a-potties with hand sanitizer in them...does life get any better? Was happy to hang with Tammy for a few... disappointed that Jewelz was not in attendance and that a certain local televsion commercial star wouldn't pry her shakin' ass from backstage long enough to grace me with her prescence. Hope to see you all soon!"

"You guys always rock the festivals!!! Glad we were able to maintain our "front row" status. About time you got some tank tops for sale too!! A little disappointed that you aren't opening for Whitesnake at Summerfest, you would've gave 'em a run for their money!! See ya at the State Fair. Shane...hope to see your "Git R Done" pants on there!!!!!"

"Hey! I was one of those "newbies" of Cherry Pie and I have to say it was one of the best times I've ever had! Every song took me back! What a blast! Ya, I was the one inquiring about you guys playing "Cherry Pie"...Someday I hope you'll break that tradition and play it...I know you guys would rock it!!!!! Thanks for the great concert! Hope to see you guys again soon!"

"As usual, you guys rocked like no others! Being a long time fan and a Grafton resident, I was thrilled to see you back this year, and will do what I can to make sure you ARE invited back next year-Grafton needs you, to show em how it's done!! You rocked this town! See ya at State Fair!"

Donavan and Becky:
"Hey guys!! Once again you guys put on a great show and it was alot of fun being up front where all the fun is!!!! It was cool to talk to you guys after the show, too. Hope to see you guys again real soon. ROCK ON!!!!"

"Located in the woods of Grafton, was a small carnival with it's rides, games, and so on. The hussle and bussle of the carnival was somber until the CherryPie started their kick-ass, heart-racing performance. They played with such exuberance, that some of the people just couldn't resist to come in and partake in the show. John, with his strong voice and assertive demeanor, was able to keep everyone unleashed from their inhibitions. I had so much fun, that I was already anticipating the next show!"

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