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Saturday, August 22, 2009
Kenosha County Fair
30820 111th St
(262) 862-6121

Wilmot, WI
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Sound: Creative Soundz
Operated by Neil
Assisted by Brian Crowley
and Taylor Podgorny
Lights: Creative Soundz
Operated by Ben Cleveland
Stage Tech: Colleen Evans
SET 1:
Wanted Man - Ratt
Working for the Weekend - Loverboy
Rock of Ages - Def Leppard
Youth Gone Wild - Skid Row
Fallen Angel - Poison
Feels Like the First Time - Foreigner
Runaway - Bon Jovi
Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue
Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
Headbanger's Ball - Medley
Unchained - Van Halen
Any Way You Want It - Journey
Jump - Van Halen
It's My Life - Bon Jovi
Shakin' - Eddie Money
Time for Me to Fly - REO Speedwagon
Turn Me Loose - Loverboy
Shot In the Dark - Ozzy Osbourne
Metal Health - Quiet Riot

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SET 2:
Foreplay/Long Time - Boston
Livin' on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard
Separate Ways - Journey
Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi
Nothin' but a Good Time - Poison
Slide It In - Whitesnake
Fantasy - Aldo Nova
Talk Dirty to Me - Poison
Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crue
Wild Side - Motley Crue
Up All Night - Slaughter
Unskinny Bop - Poison
Ah Leah - Donnie Iris
Don't Stop Believing - Journey
Cult of Personality - Living Colour
Still of the Night - Whitesnake
Rock You Like a Hurricane - Scorpions
Enter Sandman - Metallica
For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
Fade to Black [experpt] - Metallica
A Word from Frankie:
Fargo, I love that movie! I also love wine and crackers with a nice side of good conversation. I enjoy long walks along shallow water, Rick Springfield concerts, and words that start with the letter Y. Sometimes I eat there, but only after Iím done working out. I love twirling my sticks, a wet warmth on those cozy fall nights, and The Karate Kid I & II. What any of this has to do with Saturdays gigÖ I have no idea. So Kenosha County FairÖ What do I say?! Where do I begin? The Races?! NahÖ How bout KILLER STAGE! Aside from Summerfest that was the best stage of this 2009 festival season. Little did we know there was a VIP area on the back of the stage. Yeah, there was a ton of people there the whole night. And what a great stage to debut Shaneís newly stacked (TWO people) 8/10 cabinets. Now I know that last sentence is a fragmented sentence, because thatís what spell check says, but who cares! Itís a known fact that bass players fill out the sound in every band, so itís about time Shane showed his girth. I donít know about the ladies, but it got me a little excited. Now if we could just improve his performance. AND The crowd?!?!? I like to think of the crowd as our shot of energy, our boost of confidence, our reason to rock. Well Iím proud to say for a shy group, yíall managed to break out of your shells just enough to show your true, undeniable love for ROCK & ROLL! Props! Thatís what Iím talking bout! Donít be shy, more of that next time! Vince, from the band Wett Metal, not to mention a good friend, couldnít help but notice all the gerbil shavings in front of the stage. Does anyone know what this was all about? There were a lot, and these shavings were big! I like shavings. Mostly airport type stuff. Take offs, landings, all that jazz. AND speaking of big, you shouldíve seen the size of Vinceís corn dog! He had that thing stuffed in his mouth like it was a bomb ready to explode. You'd never catch me sticking an exploding corn dog down my throat. The night was wild and woolly, didnít think Iíd make it through it. Cause loviní youís a dirty job, and Iím the man to do it! On a serious note... A big thanks to everyone that came out! Itís because of you that we are able to do what we do, and we love what we do! """"--This is The Trash securing!

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"Hi. Great show. Many reasons why, but main reason this was minutes away from home. Had many good reviews from the townfolk but only one bad one but consider the source. You guys rock and looks like the Brat Stop will be jammin with new people from here. Have a good day."

"What a bizarre place this was for CherryPie to perform. It had a weird kind of abiance to it to where I just can't seem to find the words to describe it. CherryPie performed on a nice stage that seemed to give them the freedom of movement that they so desire. Their performance was great but the sound could have been a bit better. But I don't think that really mattered to some of the patrons because once they were in rare form, anything would have been acceptable to them. And John, wearing that awesome shirt in the first set which, to me, resembles his untouchable attitude plus brings out the animal in him, ruled the night and got everyone rocking hard with the band. The night might have started out a little slow but once the second set started, it was non-stop, heart-pumping, fun! You know, to me, it's not where CherryPie performs, be it in my hometown or a long drive away, it's that, these CP guys are the BEST reason to go any distance because they always put on a great show and definitely know how to rock us hard and loud!!"

Gus Michaels and wife:
"We were at the Kenosha County Fair show. First time I really got to see you guys, and it was great!!! As a drummer in a local rock band, would love to open up for you guys sometime. You would not be dissapointed in our band!! Call Gus (the drummer) for more details or check out our website at www.therudeneighbors.com. You guys rock!!"

"Good show guys-although it was rather on the chilly side. Still had a good time-always do when we see you guys play-keep the music flowing--------"

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