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Saturday, December 26, 2009
901 Northview Rd
(262) 544-9600

Waukesha, WI
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Sound: Sound Decision
Operated by Mike Stocklin
Lights: Sound Decision
Operated by Dominic Trovato
Assistant: Matt Wickersham
Stage Tech: Kevin DeWitt
SET 1:
Lay Your Hands on Me - Bon Jovi
Slide It In - Whitesnake
Working for the Weekend - Loverboy
Jump - Van Halen
Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
Turn Up the Radio - Autograph
Cult of Personality - Living Colour
Time for Me to Fly - REO Speedwagon
Runaway - Bon Jovi
White Wedding - Billy Idol
Breaking the Chains - Dokken
Any Way You Want It - Journey
Crazy Train - Ozzy Osbourne

SET 2:
Foreplay/Long Time - Boston
Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard
Fallen Angel - Poison
Wanted Dead or Alive - Bon Jovi
Wild Side - Motley Crue
Unskinny Bop - Poison
Shakin' - Eddie Money
Sister Christian - Night Ranger
Headbanger's Ball - Medley
Unchained - Van Halen
Free for All - Ted Nugent
Oh Sherrie - Steve Perry
Talk Dirty to Me - Poison
    (Mike von der Linden on drums)
Every Rose Has It's Thorn - Poison
It's My Life - Bon Jovi
Once Bitten Twice Shy - Great White
Ah Leah - Donnie Iris
Fire Woman - The Cult
Round and Round - Ratt
We're Not Gonna Take It - T'Sister
Enter Sandman - Metallica
For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
Fade to Black [excerpt] - Metallica
A Word from Josh:
For the last four years we've established a tradition of playing at the Dry Bean Saloon on the last Saturday of December and at Rooters on New Year's Eve. This year we decided to stir things up a bit by swapping those two shows. Yeah, we're such rabble-rousers. So tonight we found ourselves rousing our rabbles at Rooters. Earlier in the day some of our friends expressed concern over some snowfall but the roads never got very bad and we ended up playing for a pretty good crowd. But that's nothing new for Rooters when you consider that over one hundred people came out to see us here in over a foot of snow back on February 24, 2007. We know a lot of people LOVE their 80s Rock and will go through great lengths to get it. And we will go through great lengths to give it! John was definitely in the Christmas Spirit which was nice. But when he encouraged me to sing a verse of "Jingle Bell Rock", well, that went over like a cast-iron kite. I suspect that a lot of people came to Rooters in an effort to ESCAPE the Christmas Spirit for a bit. Either way, tonight was a lot of fun. We had the typical assortment of rabid stage-crashers, avid tambourine-players, outrageous cage-dancers and even a guest drummer. Yeah, 'sounds like a PIE Show to me.     --Josh

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"'was a fun fun time !!!!! thanks guys lov ya !"

"nice to see ya. always good times."


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