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Saturday, March 9, 2013
901 Northview Rd
(262) 544-9600

Waukesha, WI
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Sound: MobilTrax
Operated by Matt Wobst
Lights: MKE Productions
Operated by Johann Koniar
Assistant: Tennessee Love
Stage Tech: Kevin DeWitt
SET 1:
Metal Health - Quiet Riot
Rock of Ages - Def Leppard
Walk This Way - Aerosmith
No One Like You - Scorpions
Fallen Angel - Poison
Down on Me - Jackyl
Blue Collar Man - Styx
Turn Me Loose - Loverboy
Shakin' - Eddie Money
Home Sweet Home - Motley Crue
Kiss Me Deadly - Lita Ford
Runaway - Bon Jovi
  (Kristian Casamento on keyboards)
Slide It In - Whitesnake
Rebel Yell - Billy Idol
  (Jeremy Jayson on bass)
Foreplay/Long Time - Boston
Living on a Prayer - Bon Jovi
Animal - Def Leppard
Any Way You Want It - Journey
SET 2:
Turn Up the Radio - Autograph
Separate Ways - Journey
Pour Some Sugar on Me - Def Leppard
Run to the Hills - Iron Maiden
Breaking the Chains - Dokken
Nothing but a Good Time - Poison
Talk Dirty to Me - Poison
Sweet Child O'Mine - Guns N'Roses
  (Jeremy Jayson on guitar
  Mike Von Der Linden on drums)

Ah Leah - Donnie Iris
Time for Me to Fly - REO Speedwagon
Panama - Van Halen
Bad Medicine - Bon Jovi
Sweet Emotion - Aerosmith
Breaking the Law - Judas Priest
Beth - Kiss
Here I Go Again - Whitesnake
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
  (Jeremy Jayson on bass
  Dave Olson on drums)

We're Not Gonna Take It - T'Sister
Enter Sandman - Metallica
  (Rob Dunne on vocals)
For Whom the Bell Tolls - Metallica
Fade to Black [excerpt] - Metallica

A Word from Josh:
Rooters is such a familiar room for us. We play here a lot and it's very close to where two band members live. Playing here feels like home. Today we came in extra early and had a rehearsal on the stage long before doors were opened to the public. However, we did not "debut" any "new" material in the show. In this case, the rehearsal was to practice songs that we played a long time ago and decided to bring back. Let's see if you can spot them in the set list. Anyway, the show was not particularly well attended. Yet, there were very many musician friends in the crowd. As such, we invited several of them up to play with us during the course of the night. This all made for a very casual and care-free atmosphere which was a lot of fun. We'd like to thank Billy and everybody else at Rooters for the continued support and hospitality as well as all of our crew guys for facilitating the rehearsal. It was a long day for them and we appreciate the effort. See ya next week in Oshkosh!     --Josh

Were you at this show?
Would you like to comment on it?

"As I was sitting waiting at home and listening to the "sound of pouring rain", I anticipated what kind of show CherryPie would give us at Rooters. As I arrived just at starting time, I found the venue quite scarce of fans, but hey, that's ok, it only makes the show a little more enjoyable and personal. As CherryPie performed, they "paint a picture of days gone by" with those 80's classic rock songs that bring back an era that was carefree and exciting. And John, who displayed that intoxicating charisma and an attitude that's quite impressive, definitely put on an awesome show that brought excitement and fun to the night. I'm glad I stepped out in that cold rainy night to see the PIE. I had an awesome time and was intrigued and captivated watching these guys show us their business of rock. I also have to say, I totally enjoyed hearing those songs, which by the way, great choices, that I haven't heard in quite some time. Some of them brought back great memories of the past!"

"Metallica rocked, glad I stayed to the very end"

"Always a great show guys! till next time........take care."

CP fans:
"Great show guys. Liked hearing songs that you hadn't played in a while. Lack of people----not a problem. Made the show more enjoyable. See ya soon!"

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